3.2  Title Page

(1 page)  required

The thesis or dissertation begins with a title page, which must be prepared in the specified form. The title should be as concise as possible, consistent with giving an accurate description of the thesis. Students are strongly encouraged to embed key words into their title, so that the title will be retrievable on computerized listings. Be sure to use words for formulas, symbols, Greek letters, and so on. Obtaining your advisor’s approval of the title is highly recommended.

Page Numbering: Do not print a page number on the title page. This page is counted as page i for pagination purposes only.

Doctoral students are subject to more stringent formatting restrictions as set forth by the Student Affairs Section since dissertations are subject to more university-wide standards. For example, Ph.D. dissertations must have a Japanese title on the OUTSIDE COVER PAGE of the dissertation (the cover of the bound version) in a prescribed manner, whereas the INSIDE COVER PAGE does not. Master theses do not have this requirement.

Therefore, doctoral students should obtain a copy of the most recent Ph.D. Dissertation Handbook from Student Affairs or download a copy from the university online system in order to prepare your dissertation in the proper manner. Consult your advisor if you have any questions.

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