5.3  Appendices

In some theses it may be desirable to include certain additional reference materials, e.g., text forms, blank survey forms, detailed descriptions of apparatus, extensive tables of raw data, list of comments written in surveys by respondents, etc., which include information that is perhaps too detailed or too lengthy for the primary readership, but is still perhaps relevant to the secondary readership. Such materials should be included in the appendix that follows the Cited Literature section.

Margins and Pagination
Appendix information must have margins within the limits of the thesis text. Sheets larger than thesis size must be reduced to the required size by photocopying methods.

Appendix Numbering
All appendixes should use capital Roman letters to designate a specific appendix. Tables and figures in the appendixes must be numbered consecutively continuing the numbering in the text.

Any appendixes in a language other than English must romanized and accompanied with an English translation. Another option would be to merely include a full English
translation with the original language version. If you have more than one appendix, begin each appendix on a new page, and label each appendix with a capital letter (A, B, C, …). No capital letter designation is used with only one appendix.

Center and position the appendix name at the top of the page text area followed by two lines of space. Then, center the appendix tile using title case.see 6.6

multiple appendixes

Questionnaire Form for Satoyama Survey: Midori-ku, Yokohama

Questionnaire Form for Satoyama Survey: Tama City, Tokyo

History of Satoyama

single appendix

Contour Map of the Kanto Plain

The first appendix should be headed APPENDIX A, and continuing pages must be headed APPENDIX A (continued). The second appendix should be labeled APPENDIX B, and so. Center at the top of the page. Appendix designation (A, B, …) must be capital case; appendix titles must be title case.see 6.6

Appendix Numbering
Appendixes are paginated consecutively from the preceding pages; that is, the page number of Appendix A should therefore be the next number in sequence from the last page number of the Cited References section.

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