All illustrations must be readable and labeled, and copied items must be properly cited.

Illustrations in a thesis, including original drawings, graphs, maps, photographs, facsimiles of documents and musical scores, are acceptable as long as the media used to produce them (paper, inks, digital printing processes, traditional photographic processes, and adhesives) are permanent.

Original drawings including mathematical or scientific formulas or other hand-lettered materials, that are to be bound directly in the archived bound copy of the thesis without photographic or offset reproduction must be prepared directly on paper that meets the same standard required for the text of the advisor, and drafted and lettered in black, permanent (non-water soluble) ink.

All illustrations (like all tables and figures) must be given an Arabic number and a caption, placed within the margins. Also, a LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS should be added to your front matter and to your table of contents immediately following the LIST OF FIGURES, and preceding any list of abbreviations or terminology.

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