3.9  List of Figures

required if figures used

When figures, process flow charts, metabolic pathways, or similar schematics are used, a List of Figures should be shown on a separate page immediately following the List of Tables. Center and position the heading, LIST OF FIGURES at the top of the page text area followed by two lines of space. Figure numbers should be presented in Arabic numerals, e.g.., Figure 1, Figure 2, etc. using title case. If the title is longer than one line, each entry should be single spaced, with double spacing between titles.

Each figure entry shown should have a page number with leader dots from last word in the figure title to the corresponding page number, which should be flush with the right margin. Figures must be listed here as sequentially numbered tables using Arabic numbers. Continuing pages are headed, LIST OF FIGURES (continued), if the list of figures is longer than one page.

Page Numbering: This page number (in lower case roman numbers) is the next number in the sequence following the last page of the previous section; that is, the last page number of the List of Tables.

  • The List of Figures should follow List of Tables and precede the List(s) of Terminology: Abbreviations, Units, and others.

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