Every page in a thesis must have a number, though some of the front matter pages are not printed. Count the title page as page i, the copyright page as page ii, and the abstract as page iii but do not print the page numbers on any of these pages

Every page must be consecutively numbered including tables, figures, graphs, illustrations, diagrams, cited references; avoid 8a, 8b, or other letter suffixes.
For Front Matter, use small Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv, v, …) centered at the bottom of the page within the typing area of the page. The numbers are not followed by a period or enclosed in hyphens or parentheses:

- ii -
( ii )

All pages must contain text or images. If you wish to include a blank page for some reason, please print “Page intentionally left blank” centered in the middle of the page to clearly indicate your intent.

For the Body of Text and Back Matter, use Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …) starting with page one (the first page of the text itself). Center page numbers at the bottom of the page. Continue numbering consecutively until the end of your thesis or dissertation; that is, until the very last appendix … or your biographical sketch in the case of dissertations.

Page numbers should be about 15mm from the edge of the paper inside the bottom margin (2.54 cm) space. Page numbers must be the same font and size that you use in the main body text. Be sure to check pagination carefully. Account for all pages.

Do not use a period after the page number.

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